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.::Raspberry Pudding Tastes Good::.

obstreperous v
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1. Noisily and stubbornly defiant.
2. Aggressively boisterous.

[From Latin obstreperus, noisy, from obstrepere, to make a noise against : ob-, against; see ob- + strepere, to make a noise (of imitative origin).]
Nevada>'Vada>Miss V>V

with love to all my epitome of cool buddies.

a perfect circle, acid bath, air, andre norton, angel sanctuary, animals, anime, anomalies, anorexia nervosa (the band), antidepressents, bandaids, bettas, billie holiday, blots, blues, bongwater (also the band), boys, calculating god, cereal, clive barker, coffee, cool pens, cults, dick the flasher, dir en grey, dreams, ella fitzgerald, erotica, espresso, fics, fiona apple, foreign films, gackt, geeks, geishas, girls, good books, good food, good music, gore, guts, hair, hair dye, harry potter, hide, history, icons, imperial drag, infection, jack off jill, japanese horror films, jazz, johnny carinos, joygasmic music, kings, kisses, lesbians, lipstick, lord of the rings, losers, love, lust, mahoromatic, malice mizer, manga, mercedes lackey, miyavi, mt cup, muse, music, my kitty, my ruin, mythology, naked sluts, nerds, night, nina simone, norway, obliterating villages, oddments, otep, pants, paraphilias, peasants, penises, phi, pictures, pierce anthony, pirates, placebo, poetry, rain, ramen noodles, religions of various types, robert jordon, sarah brightman, seabound, seed, seraphim shock, seriel killers, sex with nuns (apparently), shirts with neat phrases, sigur ros, snow crash, snow patrol, solitude, soup at hands, soy milk, spread beaver, star trek, star wars, tattle tale, terrie b, terry pratchett, the bistro at braken, the butthole surfers, the child garden, the crusades, the doors, the rolling stones, the vagina monologues, thee machine gun elephant, tool, tori amos, trees, uzumaki, vagina, video games, virgins, voltaire, web comics, weirdos, words, zilch, zombies