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Go mad with the savage dance,
Writhe and cry out in agony
Vanish away as you're embraced by flame

September 2006
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obstreperous v [userpic]

Dir en Grey was amazing.

They tore up the lawn! There was a sod war!I still had dirt in my mouth this morning. Probably 80% of Verizon's pavillion will have to be resodded. Also, sod hurts when it hits you.Some kid vomited and covered it up with sod before the war, and I have this awful feeling that someone picked it up and threw it. If so, I feel bad for whoever got hit with it. It also sucks to be hit by flying beer. >_< Deftones sucked. So did Bury your Dead. Deadsy sucked, but I think they'd be good if they didn't let their bass override EVERY OTHER SOUND their band made. Walls of Jericho were good. Bullets and Octane were good, but their singer was a dumbass. He should have just stopped talking and played his instruments. Flyleaf was good. Korn was good. So was Stone Sour.
"You crazy motherfuckers up on the lawn... Somewhere there's a landscape architect going motherfucker!" The people were idiots. But I had a good time, being hit with dirt aside.

obstreperous v [userpic]

I like booting my computer up now. Because it looks like this:

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I hung out with Stephen Hughes a bit this weekend, which meant shouting "horsecock", stepping on my own dick and trying to discern what types of meat are vegitables. We've discovered that while beef is a vegitable, pork is actually ice cream. Bacon is still a vegitable, though, because it's a condiment.
I spent a decent chunk of the weekend with Ben, because I like hanging out with Ben. We did things, I'm almost sure of it. Mostly, we made attempts at doing homework around one another. I'm afraid that these will always be doomed to failure.
Saturday night (I think) I went over to his house and read a bit of Lilith, the first Eve by Siegmund Hurwitz. Then, I "had a nap" until about 5 am when I called my mom to let her know that I wouldn't be home. Then I gave up napping and just slept. He doesn't get why I put up with him sometimes. T's cause he's the kind of guy that'll let me hang out with him when I'm lonely, even though he has other things to do. 'Sides, he's cute.
With regards to Steve Irwin..
I talked about his death just a minute ago with Craig and Jenae. It's sad, but there's pretty much no way you can not make fun of it.
Craig says: "Before he died he was probably like 'That's alright, little fella. You didn't mean it.'"
The family came over Sunday night. It was good. I jumped on the trampoline and played "Miss Mary Mack", "Miss Sue from Alabama", "Miss Susie had a Steamboat" and "I went to a Chinese restraunt" with my mom and Kenny. I tried to teach Ben, but he's a bit impatient when he doesn't get things correct right off.
I spent a short bit of time with Tierra yesterday. We pulled nails out of boards, which is a super-cool thing to do.
There's a girl on a unicycle who hangs out at the coffee shop. Scratch pulling nails out of boards. Riding a unicycle is the definitive super-cool activity.
At Philosophy Club, we discussed the Kidney Machine problem. I wish I were better at articulating myself.
Chelsey today, and again on Thursday (for Philosophy club again).
Diru in 5 days.

obstreperous v [userpic]

Philosophy club = fun.

Diru in 8 days.

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I don't want to get my breasts cut off.

obstreperous v [userpic]

It's super grey outside.
I miss the sun.

obstreperous v [userpic]

"I think logic is just another mood I can get into." - Dr. King
"Pussy smells.. get over it." - Sam
"The Merciless Savage Erotic Boutique doubled its patronage overnight when it offered a discount to the clergy." - Word Origins practice sentence.

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I'm bored. I keep thinking I should just go to class already, but I'm tired. It's weird/nice being at the library so early again. I wasn't used to it anymore.
It's raining out. Bleg.

It was a good weekend. I enjoyed the last bit of time I'm allowed to be social with Ben, and now I'm pretty much waiting on the world to explode.

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Let's all love and dance and kiss. Maybe one of these days we'll actually know each other.

Anything you say will sound poignant if you say it while this song is playing in the background.

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aural pleasure: moonlight sonata
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Dr. Mjagkij is fucking amazing.

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